Is the contact information I receive unique?

Our database is comprised of more than 400,000 contacts. Each list we send is a list of 500 unique contacts meeting the criteria of your search.

What happens after I purchase the product? Where is my list, I just bought it?

Paypal will send you a confirmation of payment, and send us confirmation of payment along with your email address. Within 24 hours we will compile your list and send that email address the contact list.

What if I want to get a job in a non-wallstreet industry?

We apologize, but we are focused only on Wall Street Jobs. We refer another website called JobUnlocker.com if you need to find a job in other industries.

What file format is the list in?

The list is in an Excel document (.xls) format with headers to describe each field.

What information is included?

Email Address, Phone Number, Full Name, the Company they work for, and their title. Some, but not all, include: Direct phone number or extension, and fax number.

What is your Guarantee?

Within 30 days after purchase, we will provide a per-contact refund for any contact you find within the list that is out-of-date (with documentation). For example, if 10 contacts of the directory are outdated, we will replace them with 10 new contacts, or refund the pro-rate cost of the 10 contacts.

What is your return policy?

You may return any contacts and receive a per-contact refund for any contact you find within the list that is out-of-date (with documentation). We do not accept returns of any other contacts.

What can I use the list for?

The contact information included in any lists we send to purchasers are available for networking, service provider relationships, joint ventures, and event promotion only, use of the data for soliciting investments or any other purposes is not allowed.

Where does the contact information come from?

We gather information from sources publicly accessible and non-publicly accessible, online and offline such as, phone directories, marketing surveys, social networks, mailing lists, government censuses and records, real estate listings, and business websites.